February 19, 2018

Race, IQ, and Lead

December 23, 2016 Francis 0

Lead is a well-known neurotoxin. At extreme levels of exposure, it can kill people. Even at weaker levels, lead exposure is thought to lead to a wide variety of cognitive and psychological problems. Some have […]

Affirmative Action

December 17, 2016 RyanFaulk 13

What an Orwellian euphemism, “affirmative action”. 1997 SAT Data In 1997, Stephen Epinshade found that being black is worth 230 points on the SAT, being hispanic is worth 185 points, being asian costs you 50 […]

How Ethnic Diversity Harms Students

December 2, 2016 John Macintyre 9

Elsewhere on this site, ethnic diversity’s negative impact on social cohesion and economic progress has been discussed and documented. This article takes a look at how diversity impacts the quality of experience children have at […]

What Diverse Countries Really Look Like

November 30, 2016 Francis 23

We are often told that ethnic diversity is a strength. Given this, we should expect that diverse countries are, in various ways, better than homogenous ones. Let’s take a look at how accurate this expectation is. […]

Hillary’s Phony Popular Vote Win

November 25, 2016 RyanFaulk 15

As of November 25, 2016, Hillary’s popular vote lead stands at 2.104 million. But this lead is smaller than the effects of two things: The collapse of GOP turnout in California due to a lack […]

Race and the Alt Right

November 23, 2016 Francis 9

Last weekend a video was released of Richard Spencer ending a speech by saying “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!”. In response to this, several members of the audience rose to their feet and […]

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