January 18, 2018

Black Immigrants to the US and the UK blacks

One common argument against heredetarianism are the high IQ blacks in the UK and the highly educated blacks in the United States.

The Black Immigrants to the United States

For the United States, what most people will bring up is the education level of people from the continent of Africa, not necessarily all“blacks”. This is important, because a large chunk of the AFRICAN immigrants are from Egypt and are whites from South Africa.

I don’t know how many of the immigrants from the continent of Africa are black, or what percentage of them get degrees versus the other black immigrants – but it’s unnecessary, because the census actually records education level in the United States by race and immigration status for people aged 25 or older:

So we can just bypass the question of “African” immigrants, because the point with that argument is not the whites from South Africa get a lot of college degrees, it’s that BLACKS do. And they kinda do, as you can see, but certainly not as much as non-immigrant whites and especially not immigrant whites. And this data comes directly from a US Census table linked below.

But one thing to consider is that in the United States, blacks are actually more likely to go to college than whites, however, whites are still more likely to actually get a college degree.

This probably doesn’t mean much, however. In a survey done for the 2002 US Adult Literacy report (which is a test of basic job skills of ability to read a document, ability to write readable sentences, and ability to do basic math), white college dropouts outperformed blacks with post-graduate degrees on all three tests:

And while the Adult Literacy Survey isn’t an IQ test, it means that these highly credentialed blacks are probably not very smart. It’s also evidence that you don’t have to be very smart to get a post-graduate degree like a Doctorate or Masters, even if the people who happen to get them happen to be smart on average.

The talk about black immigrants to the United States in terms of being a challenge to the heredetarian paradigm is much ado about nothing.

The UK Blacks

Regarding the United Kingdom, the Cognitive Assessment Test scores and the educational attainment by blacks point to a median IQ of 93.5.

This is certainly very high for blacks, but it’s not a challenge to the thealtright.com paradigm at all, and to explain how I’m going to have to “skip ahead” a bit. In the following paragraphs I’m going to say things that, if you’re reading this post in sequence, have yet to be justified. The purpose is simply to show how my “paradigm” handles the UK black IQ.

Now say that if given identical environments, the IQ of blacks in the US would be 88 compared to a white 100.

Now the admixture of blacks in the US is 24% European on average. And if we assume that component “has a genetic IQ of 100”, then we would estimate the IQ of a “pure black in the US” to be 84.2 in an identical environment to whites in the United States.

This is probably close to the “genetic IQ” of the “pure black African” worldwide.

If this is true, then the IQs of blacks in the UK are only 0.62 standard deviations above this number.

Moreover, blacks in the UK are more likely to go to University (but are less likely to go to “Russel Group” Universities as those require elite levels of intelligence to get into, not just effort) and get roughly the same number of A-levels as white British. So it’s not like the blacks in the UK are shirking education (if that even matters in terms of developing general intelligence).

UK blacks are certainly much closer to educational attainment in terms of GSCEs, A-levels and CAT scores to whites than US blacks are on any equivalent test to whites in the US.

And so the “equal environment” for blacks in the UK to that of whites in the UK is certainly plausible, and I mean an “equal environment” in terms of what matters for cognitive development, which is nutrition and education.

And from this point, the blacks in the UK merely need to be 0.62 standard deviations above the typical African in terms of innate intelligence, which means that on average they would have more “innate native intelligence” than 73.24% of blacks worldwide.

A visualization of what I’m describing, and how the average UK black isn’t that elite in terms of innate native intelligence compared to what I think the average black innate native intelligence is:

Remember, the average black person has more innate native intelligence than 50% of blacks worldwide, so the UK blacks don’t even have to be particularly elite to get the IQ they probably have which is 93.5.

Now if you are reading these posts in sequence, I certainly don’t expect you to agree with my estimates of innate native intelligence of “pure black Africans” at this point. I simply bring it up in order to show how the UK blacks don’t pose any challenge whatsoever to show that the UK blacks pose absolutely no challenge to my viewpoint, and I doubt the viewpoint of any well-read heredetarian.

National Adult Literacy Survey:


US Census on immigrant educational attainment (Table 1):


Blacks more likely to go to college than Whites, Whites more likely to graduate despite it:


UK GSCEs by race:


UK CAT scores by race:


UK University attendance by race:


UK A-levels by race:


Admixture of African-Americans:


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  • Gilberto Carlos

    Don’t UK blacks also have white admixture? Especially those descended from WWII black veterans(who needed to pass a mental test to enter the army)

    • Epleguy

      No, most of them are immigrants right off the boat from Africa.

  • Adoll Nitler

    I noticed on the test scores, a 4 year degreed black’s score is equal to a white with a HS diploma.

  • Davidsonmaene

    This is all well and good if you take “Black Africans” as some sort of monolith. However, Africans are the most genetically diverse group of people on earth. If I break things down a little, I notice that one particular ethnic group, the Nigerian Igbo, academically outperforms not only White but Chinese students in the UK:


    Does this not pose a challenge to the hereditarian Viewpoint? At least in terms of White VS Blacks?

    • Jeff
    • mickus

      They are from the most talented ten percent of their own population, they do not compare with the top ten pefcent of other groups. Apart from all that, they still have no right to be in Britain.

      • Davidsonmaene

        They compare just fine with the top 10% of other groups. The facts speak for themselves: immigrant groups selected from elite populations in their home countries perform just as well as European descended elites in Western countries, in most measures. Read “The Son Also Rises” by Gregory Clark for an excellent overview. This is true even for African selected elites, such as Black African immigrants to the US who make more money, have better grades etc…than native Whites, and rival the performance of Chinese and Koreans.

        These people are not the top 10% of their groups. They are selected from a genetically elite sample. There is a clear difference. In fact, the most genetically elite ethnic group in America (as measured by performance) seems to be of African origin: Egyptian Copts. This is hard to notice because of their extremely small numbers, but numbers don’t lie.

        As for your claim to a “right to be in Britain”, that’s gibberish. You can certainly argue that it would be best if they were not in Britain, or that you do not want them in Britain. But like all so called “rights”, this is just an invention of your own mind; an article of opinion with no logical claim of existence.

        • mickus

          Their right to be in Britain can certainly be contested. They were brought here against the will of the British people, nobody was ever given a say in this. In fact they were brought here in the face of public opposition.

  • mickus

    Most of the recently arrived blacks have English as a first language, the British NHS pays better wages than the services around the rest of Europe. There are lots of reasons why Africans looking to come to Europe see Britain as the best option and first choice. The brightest and best blacks (lol) get first choice. Sort of semi elite group and not representative of their countries.