February 19, 2018

Political Ideology in America by Race

This post is going to look at how American racial/ethnic groups differ in political ideology. Below, you can see charts displaying the results of a wide variety of polls on many topics. But first, here is a summary of what they find:

Compared to Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, favor larger government and a less free market with more regulations and higher taxes. Minorities also favor higher levels of spending on helping the poor, healthcare, education and welfare. By contrast, White Americans favor more spending on the military.

On social issues, Whites are sometimes more liberal than non-Whites. For instance, Whites report stronger support for free speech and gay marriage. Polling is somewhat mixed on abortion, but most of the it suggests that Whites are more pro choice than non-Whites. There aren’t many polls on drug policy, and what does exist displays mixed results. Unsurprisingly, non-Whites take more liberal views than White on race relations and immigration.

On “science” issues, there is an interesting divergence. Whites are more likely than non Whites to believe in evolution but less likely to believe in man made climate change.

In terms of foreign policy, Whites favor more military spending than non Whites, they were more likely to support the Iraq war than non-Whites, and Whites are more likely than Blacks to list “terrorism” as a top political concern.

When asked to list the most important political problems of the day, Whites are more likely than Blacks to say dissatisfaction with government, immigration, and the federal budget, while Blacks are substantially more likely to say unemployment, race relations, poverty, and crime.


The Size of Government

Bigger vs Smaller Government

Pew (2015; 2012a; 2012b)

According to pew polling:



Own Federal Income Tax

Smith (2005)








Spending x 2

Smith (2005)


36% of Whites, 60% of Blacks, and 66% of Hispanics agree with the statement “The government should help more needy people even if it means going deeper in debt”.


Asian Americans are just as likely as the US in general to support raising taxes on high earners in order to reduce the budget. (65%) They are less likely than average to support reducing the budget with spending cuts only (35% vs 41%)


Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage

Pew (2014)

Health Care


Gallup (2015)

Obama Care

Pew (2014)




Social Issues

Free Speech

Free Speech v 2

Smith (2005)

Statments that are offensive to minority groups

Pew (2015)

Hate Speech

YouGov (2015)


Weed legalization

Pew (2013)

Weed 2

Smith (2005)

Weed 3



Abortion v 2

Smith (2005)

Abortion 3

Pew 2016

“2-to-1: 60% say it (abortion) should be illegal in all or most cases, while just 35% say it should be legal. By contrast, 51% of U.S.-born Latinos think abortion should be legal, while 43% think it should be illegal.” – Pew 2014

“Two-thirds (67%) of black Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 30% disagree.” – Pew 2012

Gay Marriage


Smith (2005)

gay mrrige

Pew (2015)

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Race Relations

Race relations 1

Race Relations 2

Pew (2015)

Race Relations 3

Pew (2015)

Race Relations 4



Immigraiton 2

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Immigration build wall

Pew (2016)

“Science” Issues

Climate Change

Cliamte change 2Climate change 3

Enten (2014)

Climate Change

Pew (2015)


Views on Human Evolution by Race

Pew (2014)

Foreign Policy 

Military Spending

Militray spending

Smith (2005)

War in Iraq

Iraq 1 2004

Gallup (2004)


Importance of Different Issues


Gallup (2015)




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  • Ryan Faulk

    This is literally the best article.

  • Mengerian Knight

    This completely blows away the notion that if the GOP just gets nicer on immigration, we can turn the country into a conservative California with mestizos voting GOP

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  • starviego

    Where you stand depends on where you sit.

    • What does that mean?

      • starviego

        It means that your position on political issues generally depends on your perception of your own self-interests. Poor people generally like welfare because it helps them. Rich people generally like tax breaks because it helps them. If you’re a civil servant you generally are in favor of more government spending. Etc., etc….

        • MeanFacts

          How much do you want to wager that poor whites are more likely than poor blacks to say that the rich shouldn’t pay higher taxes?

          • GreekFleet

            In my experience, blacks tend to be the greatest supporter of gibs and gib-redistribution.

        • blackacidlizzard

          Asians have a higher median income than Whites and are on welfare at a lower rate than Whites, but they still vote pretty much like Blacks. Your conventional wisdom is does not explain the reality. See also: rich Blacks.

          • GreekFleet

            “I didn’t read the article but muh rich blacks”

          • GreekFleet

            Asians view themselves as “minorities” and thus apart of the non-white rainbow coalition. I assume rich blacks would favor economic and political ideals that would help them, as would poor blacks.

          • blackacidlizzard

            “I assume rich blacks would favor economic and political ideals that would help them”

            You would be wrong. Rich Blacks support policies that raise their own taxes in order to soak Whitey.

  • TStephen

    What these graphs and data sets all show is an increasing divide among age and racial groups, and that the propaganda machine is working.