December 15, 2017


April 19, 2016 RyanFaulk 6

When I was younger, I would read world atlases. And sometimes I would come to an article, say an article on the country Colombia, and it would say that Colombia is a world leader in […]

Racism in University Admissions

April 16, 2016 Francis 0

According to Gallup polling, most White Americans think that Black and White students, when equally qualified, will have an equal change of being admitted into college. Most Blacks think that White students will have an […]

The Solutrean Hypothesis

April 16, 2016 RyanFaulk 32

Now before talking about the Solutrean Hypothesis, you must first realize that the Solutreans were not modern Europeans. The signature Haplogroup for Europeans is Haplogroup U, which doesn’t exist anywhere in genetic studies of Amerindians until […]

Colonialism did not Make Africa Poor

April 15, 2016 RyanFaulk 9

Africa is a big place with a lot of history, but is treated as a single entity in modern political discussions. Before going over the charts, consider this: In 1950, the continent of Africa (including […]

Cultural Bias on IQ Tests

April 15, 2016 RyanFaulk 2

One frequent lay argument against IQ test results is that they are culturally biased in favor of whites. This has some superficial plausibility, especially with some “obviously” biased questions. But intelligence researchers generally no longer treat […]

IQs of East Asians

April 15, 2016 RyanFaulk 29

One of the major arguments against heredetarianism is the claim that East Asians’ higher IQs than Europeans is merely a result of effort, and are in fact an example of effort raising the IQ of […]

IQs of Indians

April 15, 2016 RyanFaulk 285

The median IQ for “Indians” has been notoriously difficult to pin down, largely because “Indian” is a fictitious race (and “India” is a fictitious country), but they exist today. So here we are, looking at […]

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