January 18, 2018

Should Cruzers and Movement Conservatives Support Trump?

Ted Cruz confronts Droopy the Obama-Turtle outside of the Senate chamber

Now if you’re like John Kasich, someone who wandered into the Republican party on accident a long time ago and just decided to stay there, this post isn’t for you. This is for movement conservatives who support free market capitalism, consistent law and property norms, adherence to the constitution, perhaps some Christian influence on government (whatever that entails) and a pro-american foreign policy and world outlook.

If you’re a Ted Cruzer, there is no doubt that Ted Cruz would be a better president on those things than Trump.

Now for those who refuse to make a compromise vote, let me ask you this: is there some person, somewhere, who would make a better president than Ted Cruz? And the answer is almost certainly. Ted Cruz may be in the top 2%, but there is almost certainly someone, somewhere, who would be better. And in that sense, ALL votes are compromise votes.

And Ted Cruz has been dishonest a few times. Nowhere near as much as Trump, but he has. So if you have some iron rule against dishonesty, Cruz broke that. Even a Ted Cruz vote would be a compromise vote.

Obviously that’s a lot less of a compromise than voting for Trump, but we’re talking about degree, not some absolute rule. Every time you vote you’re compromising, it’s just a question of how much.

But also remember that general election advantage Cruz had over Trump? That has evaporated. And remember that Trump is a more weathered candidate – he’s faced more negative media attacks than Cruz. On electability, Cruz had more downside going forward than Trump did.

I mean you can say Cruz polled better than Trump, but that’s for the same reason Sanders polled better than Clinton – it’s how much flak they’ve already taken.

So why vote Trump? Well I can give you a few reasons. Trump’s support for propping up dictators in the middle east is absolutely the correct policy, his support for reciprocal tariffs is a good idea, his replacement of capital gains and corporate taxes with a higher personal income tax is also just the correct thing to do, and the fact that he would be a Republican president working with a Republican congress is going to bias policy better than the other way around.

I mean you can pick apart Trump’s positions, but you could do the same thing with George Bush in 2000 – did the Bush presidency have any relevance to his stated policies going in? How about Obama’s presidency?

But all that aside, the real meat of the matter is immigration. You need to vote for Trump so that conservatism has a chance at winning in the future. Trump’s not a conservative. There’s no conservative running for president this year.

Let me show you the fertility rates of various groups in the United States:

Group Fertility Rate % of 2016 Population % of 2016 Voters
Hispanics 2.13 17.68 9.44
Republican Whites 1.99 36.62 42.9
Blacks 1.87 12.68 13.98
Whites 1.76 61.03 71.50
Asians 1.72 5.35 3.31
Democrat Whites 1.41 24.41 28.6

Race population precentages projected two years from 2014 numbers here

Voting populations projected based on trends here

Fertility and political ideology here

The Republican party has a built-in majority if they would just LET IT WORK. If George Bush Junior, George Bush Senior, or even Ronald Amnesty Reagan just sealed the damn border, or at least did so during their presidencies – Florida, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and Ohio wouldn’t be “toss-ups”.

If the 1965 immigration act didn’t pass, there would be no “Barack Hussein Obama”. There would be no “Affordable Care Act”, the whole political spectrum would be shifted to the right to where Donald Trump and Jim Webb would be leading candidates in the Democrat primary. Yes, a lot of you Cruzers think Trump should be a democrat. If it were 1980, or the US had the racial demographics of 1980, Trump would be a democrat.

We are living in a bad future created by Ronald Reagan and the Bushes and the Republican congress in 1965 that wasn’t supposed to happen. Elements of the old Democrat party are being compressed into the Republican party in order to keep the Republican party competitive.

And the republican party is filled with wormtongue cuckolds who say “get the hispanic vote” and “get the black vote”, ignoring how obstinantly anti-american these groups have been for as long as there has been polling data on them:

And sure, you can say that George Bush, by absolutely bending over backwards to appease the hispanics, only lost by 9 points in his re-election run, that was never going to work in the long run as hispanics are strongly against freedom,economically and politically:

Which makes sense because when they are in charge they create poor, unfree latin american countries compared to what whites create in Europe, Australia and North America. And when the hispanics enter the US they vote against freedom and for policies that create poverty, which is to say for the Democrat party.

Maybe one day they can be converted. But nobody has shown a reliable way to do so, and so until that time that hispanics can be reliably converted into conservatives, they have to be kept out. Racist? Whatever, every sane country does this. It’s the same immigration policy Mexico has.

Now the GOP can still win, and thus have a chance for conservatism (related to but distinct from the GOP) to win in the future. But you’ve got to close the border and you’ve got to close the border NOW.

Voting for Hillary may “send a signal”, sure, whatever. But Hillary will open the border and that will probably be the end of conservatism. This may be the last general election the Republicans can win.

And I know people in the past have said this, but remember, every cycle the demographic ratchet from mass immigration gets tighter and tighter. And so each election the claims of “this is the GOP’s last shot” are more plausible than the previous election.

Voting for Hillary, or not voting, or voting third party, is not “principled”, because by doing so you are denying any chance for your principles being realized in the future. How are you going to win general elections in the future when the racial demographic situation and the white democrat compression into the GOP gets even worse – when you can’t even win a GOP primary now?

Voting for Trump is not an admission that he is the future of the Republican party. It’s you saying he is better than Hillary, and that he will probably close the border and give the GOP some breathing space and ultimately a chance at conservatism winning general elections in the future.

The situation is too desperate to be making practical sacrifices just to signal your purity. Vote Trump.

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  • Mark Martinson

    On the issue of race realism, the only good arguments I’ve seen against it is: (1) The Flynn Effect; and (2) the IQ of Bahama seems quite high considering it is largely black with minimal white admixture. I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.

  • The Last American

    The 1965 Immigration Act is probably the most significant legislation of the 20th century.

    While I hate Reagan for the amnesty, I suspect that amnesties don’t have as much demographic impact as we think: given the 14th amendment, illegals pump out mestizos that affect the long term just the same as if they’d been legal. Birthright citizenship and lack of deportation is the true disaster.

    Another great summary article, thanks Ryan. Those graphs on small vs large government need to be seen by everyone – they perfectly illustrate the reality of race.

  • blackacidlizzard

    “If you’re a Ted Cruzer, there is no doubt that Ted Cruz would be a better president on those things than Trump.”

    I disagree. Cruz is an obvious liar who is content with shifting his positions and never speaks plainly when asked clear questions like “are anchor babies constitutionally mandated.”

    Trump may be a liar, but we know Cruz is, and therefore there is no reason to think that he would do anything he ran on.

    Plus the fact that demographics will make more difference than one President’s opinion, of course, but that goes without saying here.

  • Doom Guy

    You should cross post this to TRS to get more traffic and get TRS more content.

  • invisible

    Good point about “denying any chance for principles being realized in the future.” I’m actually pulling back on my “no voting” stance to put my vote down for Trump. Trump’s the only shot for border security, and possibly helping America move back to being a “freer” more conservative nation that protects individual liberties. Though I do think the ideas you were talking about relating to partitions, on the all nations party channel you had up are the most sound.