January 21, 2018

The BBC and the Myth of White Privilege

June 20, 2016 Francis 2

Recently, the BBC put out a 10 minute mini documentary entitled “Inside the Mind of White America”. In this clip, a Black from England interviews several White Americans about whether or not they feel sufficiently guilty […]

The Orlando Shooting and Islam

June 12, 2016 Francis 26

[You can listen/watch this here if you would prefer that to reading.] Last night there was a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida that, as of the time I am writing, is said […]

Racial Differences in Self Control

June 11, 2016 Francis 6

At its most basic level, self-control is the ability to not do something you want to do in pursuance of a more long term goal. Our need for self-control arises from the fact that, generally […]

White America

June 8, 2016 Francis 4

Americans are often told to praise diversity. But has it really benefited us? We can look at how White Americans currently act and, from this, infer what America would look like if it was entirely made up […]