January 18, 2018

White America

Americans are often told to praise diversity. But has it really benefited us? We can look at how White Americans currently act and, from this, infer what America would look like if it was entirely made up of its current White population.

Let’s start with economics. In White America, the budget deficit would be gone. In fact, we would by running a surplus of 200-500 billion dollars a year. The median household income would rise from $53,657 to $60,265. Even more strikingly, the average net worth of an American household would rise from $82,000 to $142,000.

Our education system would look a lot better too. America gets a lot of crap for how we score on PISA tests compared to the rest of the civilized word, but if it were just White Americans only 10 nations on earth would  do better than us and we would far outscore most of Europe

America gets put down for its incarceration rate too. People say that we have the highest incarcerate rate in the world. What they don’t say is that if it were just White Americans our incarceration rate would fall from 729 per 100,000 to 380 per 100,000, and we wouldn’t even be among the top 10 most incarcerated nations (1).

Family life would look better in White America. The rate of unmarried births would fall from 41% to 29%. Teen pregnancy rates would nearly be cut by nearly a third, falling from 24 per 1,000 to 17 per 1,000.

So far, these changes are things that everyone would assign a positive value to. Politically, the value of the changes would be more subjective, but there would be huge changes. If White American votes had been the only ones counted, Republicans would have won every presidential election, with two exceptions, since 1952. There would have been no Kennedy, no Carter, and no Obama. Whites did vote for Johnson, but this would have never happened in White America because he would have never been Kennedy’s vice president, or benefit from Kennedy’s martyrdom, since Kennedy would have never taken office. White America also voted Clinton in 96, but this would have never happened either because White America voted against Clinton in 1992. It is plausible that White America wouldn’t have voted for a single democrat since end of the second world war.

That wouldn’t change this November, either. According to Gallup polling, Trump leads Clinton by 11 points among Whites.

The Republican party would look different in White America. Whites are less religious than non-Whites, and more liberal on social issues like freedom of speech (classically liberal) and gay marriage. On the other hand, they are far more likely to favor the free market. White America would also probably build a larger military. In short, White America would probably be a lot more libertarian domestically but perhaps more interventionist abroad.

Bigger vs Smaller Government

Hate Speech

White America’s attitude towards science would differ as well. There would be less denial of evolution and more skepticism towards climate change.

White America’s average citizen would also differ psychologically from the current average American. Compared to non-Whites, White Americans are smarter, have more self-control, are more introverted, and have a less high opinion of themselves. They are also happier.

Better When Left Alone

So far, I have been assuming that White America would be basically the same as it is now if non-White America wasn’t around. That probably isn’t true.

For one thing, correlational, longitudinal, and experimental, research shows that racial diversity damages how well people get along with one another. Moreover, being around diversity decreases how well people get along even with members of their own race. In White America, Whites would get along with one another better than they do now.

Education wouldn’t be the same either. The more Blacks are in a school, the worse Whites in that school tend to do. Moreover, people do better in school when their teacher is of their race. White Americans would probably do better in school if non-Whites weren’t around.

Some of the most radical changes would occur in politics. The democrat party would have never become the anti-White party and the GOP wouldn’t have become the White People party. Politics would be less based on racial identity and, instead, based on other group divisions or specific issues. In this world, different democrat candidates would have been run, and they may have won. But they would not look like the democrat candidates run in multi-racial America.


Often times, liberals complain about America by pointing out that our rate of incarceration, or our PISA scores, are much worse than other 1st world countries. These claims are true, but are explained by the fact America houses a huge non 1st world population.












  1. To find the total rate of incarceration I added the prison and local jail populations from table 2 and divided by 304 million, the 2010 population size, and then multiplied by 100,000 to find the rate per 100,000.



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  • The Last American

    Caught a typo: “In this word” to “In this world”.

    Anyway, great summary article. I love pointing out that Europeans who dump on America are inadvertently making a race-realist point. Northeast bluebloods do the same thing when they badmouth the South: they don’t realize that figures on IQ, obesity, etc are made terrible by the black population. So when they think they’re mocking low-ststus redneck whites, they’re actually being “racist”.

    • The Last American

      Also, unnecessary apostrophe in the first word of the article.

    • blackacidlizzard

      These people are so goddamn witless that they can post the following article, with *these* maps and *these* words and give it *this* title:


      The blackest states are looking for at the most porn and largely at Black porn, White conservative states look up less porn than any states in the burrito-belt, and they say the issue is religion and conservatism. There is no way that people this retarded could understand what you are saying.

      • The Last American

        God damn. The map shows all the whitest states having the lowest times.

        At a certain point you have to ask yourself – are they stupid, or are they lying?