January 21, 2018

Trump Landslide

September 17, 2016 RyanFaulk 7

When thinking about any election shaping up, one should think of two broad kinds of voters. There are “traditional” voters and “non-traditional” voters. Polls done either by polling firms or by media are usually good at figuring […]

The Flynn Effect, Race, and IQ

September 10, 2016 Francis 47

For the last hundred years or so, each generation has scored higher than the previous one on IQ tests. The average IQ of populations has been rising. This is called “The Flynn Effect” and is […]

Bedrock Theories of History

September 9, 2016 RyanFaulk 8

This is an article I was hesitant about posting, because it’s not as empirical as the other articles on this site and it involves a lot of “picture painting” that I despise in others. But beliefs […]

Non-Whites of Every Stripe Vote Democrat

September 2, 2016 Francis 8

In America, non-White people vote overwhelmingly for the democrat party. Blacks have been voting democrat since the 1930’s, and Hispanics have been as far back as we have been tracking Hispanic voting patterns. Asians used […]