February 19, 2018
  • Awakened Saxon

    But they’re still going to pay for our pensions, right?
    -Regards, the Eternal Boomer

    • Marcus

      Automation, not immigration can pay for our pensions. Look up Secular Stagnation? The Effect of Aging on Economic Growth in the Age of Automation.

  • Louis Marschalko

    We cannot restore our nation with someone else’s babies!

    • Marcus

      Nor should we want to.

  • Mailinated

    I’m having a really hard time understanding what’s going on in the Kirkegaard paper tbh. I know technical papers are supposed to be brief and to the point, but that’s overdoing it imo…

  • John Wayne

    >a regression line with n=11
    Wow, nice use of stats. Almost means anything.

  • Emil Kirkegaard

    Published study, also with Danish data. Same pattern. https://openpsych.net/paper/53