January 18, 2018

The Tribulation of the Somali Immigrant

Note: this is the story told to me by a Somali immigrant to Sweden. He wishes to remain anonymous lest he face retribution from the ubiquitous racism, nazism and ku-klux-klan operations in Sweden.

I was born a Somali immigrant to Sweden. At age 12, I began to swim upstream to Sweden, to leave the chaos and war and famine of Somalia. I had to do this, as I am an immigrant.

I made my way past Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and the Baltic States, up into Sweden. I could not stop in those poorer countries that don’t give benefits to Somalis, for you see, Somalia is poor, hungry and violent, and so I must enter Sweden and no place else.

Being so horribly racist, the man at the immigration office spat in my face, calling be a dirty Somali to go back where I came from. And so I was banned from entering Sweden due to their racism.

Once in Sweden, I faced a jeering mob attack me for the color of my skin. That is typical of Swedes. I told them, like it or not, the immigration office made me a Swedish citizen.

I then tried to find gainful employment. However, I was rejected at every job I applied to for having black skin. The business owners all said cruel and terrible things about me and “my kind”.

At my first day of work moving boxes in a warehouse in Helsinborg, my white co-workers tripped me, kicked me down, and played all sorts of cruel tricks on me throughout the day. They were mad that I got the job instead of their friends and sons. When in reality I got the job on my own merit, because I was a hard worker, as one must work hard in Somalia to survive.

They were mad at me for “taking their job”, but in reality, I do the jobs Swedes won’t do.

One of them told me I benefited from government-issued racial quotas. This was necessary for immigrants to get a leg up, as they start out disadvantaged. That is was good that I was discriminated in FAVOR of, so that I could get integrated into Swedish society.

These disadvantages are why Somalis must get additional benefits, and be allowed to keep them longer. When a widowed mother of 3 accusingly asked why I, a 33-year old single man, got more benefits than she did, and why I hadn’t gotten a job in my 4 years in Sweden, I explained that I was disadvantaged and discriminated against, despite being a very hard worker. And so to correct for the racism of Swedes, known for their racism, I needed these benefits more than her.

As for why I haven’t looked for a job, well, I feel Swedes are just too racist toward me, I don’t feel any connection. I explained this many times during my trips to rural middle and elementary schools, and they agree with me and how horrible it is. This helped me knowing I wasn’t crazy – the Swedes themselves recognized that they were racist against me and that it was horrible and that is why I need benefits and affirmative action.

So when you hear an anti-immigrant politician say such hateful things as muslims should only have their own countries, instead of having their own countries PLUS free access to white European countries, think of my story and what I have told you here.

The truth is that Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, Dutch – these are all well-known as deeply bigoted and racist people.

And as for the Polish who want to close their borders, remember this: Hitler, as the head of Germany, killed around 40 million white people. Therefore Poland must take in replacement-level numbers of brown people like me.

Look at this logically. Look at this rationally. Be rational, be scientific, don’t be like those other people who disagree with me and thus explicitly state that they are opposed to rationality, science and logic. Vote for the Green Party that wants to replace national parks with people like me.

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  • Relentless Onslaught

    Ryan, you rock.

  • szopen

    ROTFL. Especially the bit about my home country 😀

    Though it’s quite hilarious when I met some western libtard saying that Europe had to take in immigrants because of European imperialism and colonisation, and then I explain them calmly that we don’t care, because we never had any colonies 😀

    • Marcus

      The problem is that you do care, Swedes care far too much.