February 19, 2018

New Europe Radio Episode 7: The Truth About Heritability

New Europe Radio is a radio show about various topics that we will talk about. I am putting this heading here so it doesn’t look like trash with all of the citations popping up.

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  • Geiger

    Just one question
    So you say that behavior is heritable ok..
    But the “fish out of water” scenario of ie higher IQs or different behaviors in certain ethnc groups when they live in western countries doesn’t give them a pass, because ultimately their genetics made these countries (Mexico, Ukraine, Japan) what they are , thus are a “truer representation” of their actual phenotype

    But isnt that a bit self serving? What about history, political regimes, geography (ie Jared Diamond) and so forth? Would western europeans do so well if they were dropped into the middle/near east warpaths of ancient times instead of inheriting the Roman empire and safely establishing themselves in north western Europe?

    Or are you saying its a moot point, that these peoples genetics are broken from the few thousand years they spent evolving in these environments , or at least broken in the context of performing at or above standard in western socieities.. In which case, to use your Ukrainian example, do you think 3rd generation pure bred Ukrainians living in the US and Canada are somewhere in between the level of violence of native Ukrainians and Anglo Americans, like with Mexican-American IQs? Because i dont think theres any difference..