February 19, 2018

New Europe Radio Episode 8: The “Economy” as you know it and the Modern World

New Europe Radio is a radio show about various topics that we will talk about. I am putting this heading here so it doesn’t look like trash with all of the citations popping up.

I’ll capitalize whatever I want!

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Various Sources talking about China and Europe:








Markets in England:



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  • Mailinated

    I can sympathize with your frustrations. I’ve read up on a slightly specialized topic regarding Byzantine history, and what I found was that the data simply wasn’t there, in fact the first attempt to try to apply quantitative methods to the topic was done in the 1980s, and the second one somewhere in the late 90s. Our culture has studied the classics and the Greek world a lot more than it has China, so I’d imagine the state of Sino-history is even worse.

    That’s likely also why they use “during Xth century…” so much as well. In many cases, at least in the case of Byzantium, we just don’t know. Or they might be talking about gradual processes, like your jade statue example. In such cases I’d imagine you see gradual refinements to said statues and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact point at which it is the Qin-style Jade Statue or whatever it is called.

  • The Last American

    Three radio posts? My cup runneth over… Looking forward to giving these a listen.