October 24, 2017
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  • Genetic transmittance of political views has little to no concrete evidence. More plausible are learned views developed overtime by interaction with a subject’s caretakers. The high rate of birth parents also being a child’s caretaker presents a misleading correlation for the genetics argument.

    Things like food and even music preference can be transferred in utero (also more learned than genetic, though tolerance for certain materials like lactose can be taken into account). This is how babies know the voice of their parents before birth.

    I have a hard time believing that political views can be learned in utero due to their complexity. Children are born with a leg up on cadence, tone, and other factors of vocalization, but not any semblance of meaning required to for a baby born yesterday to lean towards isolationism due to interventionalist fervor causing unaccounted for power vacuums in the Middle East.

    • nanocyde

      You are fake news
      Read some GWAS and GCTA studies on personality traits
      Complex effects from simple tendencies

      • Feel free to expand your point. Political heritability would suggest that one’s views are obtained by birth yes?
        That contradicts the four cognitive stages of development.

        If a child is unable to perform abstract rationalizations at birth, how can they inherit a political view?

        • Ryan Faulk

          Okay well I guess the fear of bugs and wolf and bear-like animals in humans cannot be heritable because the development of the brain is too generalized to inherit specific beliefs.

          Or how about sexual attraction – females sexually attracted to males and vice-versa. Guess that can’t be heritable because when they’re little babs they don’t think about sex at all. This is how stupid you are:

          “Sexual orientation heritability would suggest that one’s sexual orientation is obtained by birth yes? That contradicts the four cognitive stages of development. If a child is unable to think about sex at birth, how can they inherit a sexual orientation?”

          Be sure to tell me how it’s not analogous at all and that you know for a fact that because little babs don’t have politics, this means that there is no bias in brain structure toward certain viewpoints. That having a larger anterior cingulate cortex or a larger right amygdala in adulthood has no bearing on political views.

          • Those are biological responses to stimuli you are talking about, not abstract concepts. Try again.

            As for your second challenge. The burden of proof lies on you and the article you are trying to defend. Can you tell me how and why political views are genetically inheritable rather than learned? Explain the reasoning behind changing political views in that case; why doesn’t every family have closer political leanings than they do today?

            Also, bias is a learned trait. It’s the result of generalization based on experience gained through the environment, whether true or false. Because a child brought up in a biased family has a high chance of taking up that family’s bias due to exposure, it’s easy to see a correlation between bias and family membership, but this is correlation, not causation.

            Were it biological causation, a child born into a biased family would be biased in the same way their family of origin was despite their caretakers.

            I find it odd that you would try to make me qualify this in a way that don’t care to do for your own points. To put it in your own words: “you’re just inventing standards of evidence for ideas you don’t like.”

          • nanocyde

            Maybe we are a little tired of dealing with people who know nothing about human biology and can only lazily regurgitate the standard social science model?

            p.s. – abstract concepts are biological in nature. They are produced by brains and communicated to other brains. Sometimes the medium is the message

          • PigglyPig

            @disqus_i9sUFuFKJA:disqus Sexual orientation is actually not just biological response to stimuli, but nice try. There is even heritability for sexual preferences, beyond basic orientation. Your language also implies that you think it has to be 100% environmental or 100% genetic, which goes against all study on heritability. Read up on heritability, you might learn something. Also gene expressions don’t always happen immediately when you are born… Honestly man you are speaking out of ignorance and it is embarrassing.

          • You misread. I didn’t say sexual orientation was biological response to stimuli. I said the reactions to bugs and other things were. And this is in lieu of them being abstract concepts.

            I am fully aware of genetic influences on behavior. What I’m arguing against is, in fact, 100% inheritability. Which is why I said: “why doesn’t every family have closer political leanings than they do today?”.

            Are you analyzing my posts, or are you trying to make a straw man out of me? If it’s the latter, you’re wasting my time. By your language, I’m pushed to assume as much.

        • nanocyde

          For starters, clinal variation in the individualism vs collectivism axis is best explained by genetics. Environmental influences on cognition nearly vanish as a child grows into adulthood – see the Wilson Effect for more information. Brains continue to grow and expand due to the effects of gene expression well into early adulthood.

          Brains are not general problem solvers (there are no general problems) and cognition is motivated. You don’t inherit “being a Democrat” you inherit a particular set of traits that push your motivated reasoning in one or the other political direction. This is why there are very specific, regular, and predictable demographic trends in political affiliation and ideas about how the individual relates to society (individualism vs collectivism vs tribalism).

          • “You don’t inherit “being a Democrat” you inherit a particular set of traits that push your motivated reasoning in one or the other political direction.”

            Yes, exactly. He is either dense or playing the part. Heritability of political views, or predisposition toward them, has nothing to do with the concrete views and everything to do with traits that predispose one to them, e.g. their view on sexual permissiveness, appetite for risk, etc.

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