September 21, 2017

Audacious Epigone: Gen Z is the West’s last great hope!

From The Audacious Epigone

In a post discussing the potential generation Z holds, a poll of said generational cohort by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a non-profit DC outfit “that works to increase the number of Latina and Latino leaders in society”, found Trump crushing Clinton among white high school students (n = 16,275*). The poll was conducted in October of 2016, a month before the election, and nearly all the participants were too young to actually vote.

The following graph shows the results alongside those derived from Reuters-Ipsos polling for other generational cohorts in a two-way race. The R-I figures are from those aged 18-34 (n = 9,740), aged 35-49 (n = 9,087), aged 50-64 (n = 10,137), and aged 65+ (n = 6,600), roughly corresponding to millennials, Xers, baby boomers, and silents, respectively. The age ranges don’t match the generational cohorts exactly but it’s as close as R-I allows us to get. The results for Gen Z show how they reported they would’ve voted rather than how they actually voted, as most were too young to do so:

This is incredible, almost literally so. It does however mesh with what I saw last weekend and other observations made of late. Z-Man points out that while there were lots of event attendees who could barely pass as legal adults, the protesters were largely comprised of “extremely ugly old women, wearing shirts with feminist slogans.” He continues:

I was standing in front of the big glass windows watching the Antifa loonies, when I turned and looked at the young AmRen guys taking pics and selfies, laughing and enjoying themselves. On one side of the glass were grotesquely out of shape people in grubby clothes, smoking and gesticulating. On the other were young men in suits, well groomed and composed. It was one of those times when you can stand on the timeline of your life and see the past and the future at the same time.

Maybe meme warfare and the radioactive lameness of the wicked witch explains some of this away, and it won’t be replicable in the future. Gen Z whites were mixed on approval of Obama (37% disapproved, 31% approved, 32% had no opinion). Even if Trump’s advantage over Clinton is half of what’s shown above, though, it portends a seismic shift in the orientation of the next generation of whites.

Julian Langness thinks millennials will have to save the West. My money is on the next generation, the one with its back against the wall.

Parenthetically, the poll found the expected strong advantage for Clinton among non-whites. She beat Trump 7-to-1 among blacks, 3-to-1 among Hispanics, and 3-to-2 among Asians. The battle lines are being drawn.

* The methodology is tough to nail down with confidence. The major report findings show a sample of 50,000 for all races. The link to details on methodology lead to an interactive map with a reported total sample of 83,298, of which 45,954 are white. To arrive at 16,275 I took the percentage of non-Hispanic whites from 83,298/45,954 figures and multiplied it by the percentage, 59%, of high school white students voting for either Trump or Clinton.

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  • Person of Whiteness

    I’d love to see what things are like for the teens in other countries.

    • The trend is mimicked in Britain.

      • mickus

        I wish.

        • No need to, it is. Bear in mind this applies to the under 20s.

          • mickus

            I know one sixteen year old Brit on TRS, he says most aren’t interested. I am not being off with you, I sincerely hope you are right. I am British myself but in my forties and out of touch with the youngsters.

          • TSR is, alas, an unrepresentative sample, largely populated by Millennials. It is the type of website leftists gravitate towards. I am referring to polling done on the young, which is showing a divergence in the political tendencies of the under 20s and the “Millennials”.

          • mickus

            Leftists! TRS!?
            I hope your right but I am inclined to think young Americans are a bit more radical, probably because the demographic situation is more urgent.

          • Possibly so. However, it isn’t much better in Europe, and polling is reflective of this. The thing is, the MSM and “politically correct” control of speech is still running full steam ahead here, whereas in the US the MSM is losing its grip over the public. So there is a lot more self-censorship here.

          • bcbingram

            Self-censorship IS the main punishment. Why ? Because humans like to think of themselves as ‘good’ , they do NOT like to be seen as wrong.

  • The battle lines are being drawn: HERE COMES CIVIC NATIONALISM TO BE THE MEDIATOR! The final Hegelian dialectical compromise, into a ‘social progressive ‘fiscally conservative’ youth, where the youth protect the bankers while shouting down ‘racists’ and ‘sexists’. Or, will they become disillusioned? We’ll see..

    Young men grow up pretty fast after 18/19 years old.

    • Marcus

      I have hope, they are the first to truly grow up with the internet (and were growing up in a relatively difficult economic situation).