April 24, 2017

Affirmative Action

December 17, 2016 RyanFaulk 11

What an Orwellian euphemism, “affirmative action”. 1997 SAT Data In 1997, Stephen Epinshade found that being black is worth 230 points on the SAT, being hispanic is worth 185 points, being asian costs you 50 […]

Hillary’s Phony Popular Vote Win

November 25, 2016 RyanFaulk 15

As of November 25, 2016, Hillary’s popular vote lead stands at 2.104 million. But this lead is smaller than the effects of two things: The collapse of GOP turnout in California due to a lack […]

A Pathway for Republican Victory

November 17, 2016 RyanFaulk 26

It’s a new day for the Republican party and for conservatism. Trump showed a path for Republican victory going forward; and the fact that he himself was such a weak candidate who otherwise probably would […]

Race Mixing

October 15, 2016 RyanFaulk 4

There is a great swell of people pushing the idea of mixed-race people are “more fit” or “stronger” or “healthier”. The language they use for this new mixed race population is strangely belligerent, calling them […]

Trump Landslide

September 17, 2016 RyanFaulk 7

When thinking about any election shaping up, one should think of two broad kinds of voters. There are “traditional” voters and “non-traditional” voters. Polls done either by polling firms or by media are¬†usually¬†good at figuring […]

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