January 25, 2017

Race, Personality, and Crime

January 7, 2017 Sean Last 0

In this article, I am going to look at some of the personality differences between Blacks and Whites which likely predispose Blacks to have a higher crime rate. In particular, I am going to look […]

Race, Intelligence, and Nutrition

January 7, 2017 Sean Last 0

Because intelligence is a thing which the brain does, and the brain requires nutrients to do anything, it is obvious that extreme malnutrition can cause a significant IQ deficit. However, some people doubt that the […]

Ethnic Diversity and the Economy

January 7, 2017 Sean Last 0

This article will examine the link between ethnic diversity and economic success at the national, local, and group level. As will be seen, though not definitive, evidence at each level of aggregation suggests that ethnic […]

Race, IQ, and Lead

December 23, 2016 Sean Last 0

Lead is a well-known neurotoxin. At extreme levels of exposure, it can kill people. Even at weaker levels, lead exposure is thought to lead to a wide variety of cognitive and psychological problems. Some have […]

What Diverse Countries Really Look Like

November 30, 2016 Sean Last 12

We are often told that ethnic diversity is a strength. Given this, we should expect that diverse countries are, in various ways, better than homogenous ones. Let’s take a look at how accurate this expectation is. […]

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