April 30, 2017

The Flaws of Meritocratic Immigration

January 19, 2017 Francis 39

The most compelling alternative to ethnic nationalism is what we might call “meritocrat” or “individualist” nationalism. This is a system in which people are allowed to migrate to a country on a meritocratic basis. In […]

Regression to the Mean

January 16, 2017 Francis 3

I am taller than the average American male. This can only be for a combination of two reasons: genes and the environment. I have no idea which environmental factors might have made me taller than […]

Racial Discrimination in Loans

January 14, 2017 Francis 3

Racial differences in the ability to acquire a loan are sometimes pointed to as evidence of White privilege. These differences are said to lead to racial disparities in home ownership rates and entrepreneurship which in […]

Race and IQ: the Case for Genes

January 7, 2017 Francis 126

This article will lay out the basic case for “hereditarianism” or the view that genes are an important cause of racial IQ differences. At this point, you may already be thinking something like “no reputable […]

The Impossibility of Equality

January 7, 2017 Francis 14

Many people think that racial populations are “equal” with respect to their genetic potential for cognitive traits. On this website, we look at a lot of data having to do with racial differences in various […]

Ethnic Diversity: Strength or Weakness?

January 7, 2017 Francis 4

It is often said that ethnic diversity is a strength. This article will review the fact that a large body of empirical research on social functioning, the economy, government, schools, and relationships, points to the […]

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