October 24, 2017

Take Control of Your Language

March 8, 2017 RyanFaulk 13

I capitalized the “Your” in the title. I’m in control of My¬†Language. That’s kind of a joke, but kind of serious. When you call someone “left wing”, what does a third party listener get to […]

First Worldism Part 4: A Holisis

March 6, 2017 RyanFaulk 15

My views on race differences did not come from some heavy-handed indoctrination from anyone. It came from looking at atlases and tables. I love tables and lists, when I’m bored I’ll make lists out of […]

Thick Heredetarianism

January 25, 2017 RyanFaulk 1

This article is for people who are already racial heredetarians, but who still hold to an individualistic policy proscriptions. There will be more coming on this topic. If you’re not a racial heredetarian and still […]

The Flaws of Meritocratic Immigration

January 19, 2017 Francis 39

The most compelling alternative to ethnic nationalism is what we might call “meritocrat” or “individualist” nationalism. This is a system in which people are allowed to migrate to a country on a meritocratic basis. In […]

Regression to the Mean

January 16, 2017 Francis 3

I am taller than the average American male. This can only be for a combination of two reasons: genes and the environment. I have no idea which environmental factors might have made me taller than […]

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