January 21, 2018

Ethnic Diversity: Strength or Weakness?

January 7, 2017 Francis 6

It is often said that ethnic diversity is a strength. This article will review the fact that a large body of empirical research on social functioning, the economy, government, schools, and relationships, points to the […]

Race, IQ, and Crime

January 7, 2017 Francis 1

This article will analyze the role that racial intelligence differences play in racial crime differences. First, I’ll review the national and individual level data showing that crime has a negative association with IQ which persists […]

Lead, Race, and Crime

January 7, 2017 Francis 0

In this article, I will review the literature linking lead exposure to criminality and then discuss what role lead plays in the American Black-White crime gap. Data on lead exposure can be divided into two […]

Race, Personality, and Crime

January 7, 2017 Francis 0

In this article, I am going to look at some of the personality differences between Blacks and Whites which likely predispose Blacks to have a higher crime rate. In particular, I am going to look […]

Race, Intelligence, and Nutrition

January 7, 2017 Francis 0

Because intelligence is a thing which the brain does, and the brain requires nutrients to do anything, it is obvious that extreme malnutrition can cause a significant IQ deficit. However, some people doubt that the […]

Malnutrition and National IQ Differences

January 7, 2017 Francis 0

In this article, I will report the results of an analysis on the role of malnutrition in national and racial IQ differences. First, data on the prevalence of being underweight, wasting, and stunting, were factor […]

Ethnic Diversity and the Economy

January 7, 2017 Francis 0

This article will examine the link between ethnic diversity and economic success at the national, local, and group level. As will be seen, though not definitive, evidence at each level of aggregation suggests that ethnic […]

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