November 23, 2017

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— Authorities —

Peer Review, Replication and Publication Bias:

Expert Speech:

— IQ —

The Validity of IQ:

Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and “g”:

The Heritability of IQ:

Stereotype Threat:

IQ and Socio-Economic Status:

— IQs Around the World —

IQs of Races in the United States:

IQs of Various Regions:

IQ of Sub-Saharan Africa:

Black Immigrants to the US and the UK blacks:

IQs of Indians:

IQs of East Asians:

— Biological Races —

Ryan’s Existence of Race Article:

Sean’s Existence of Race Article:

Race Compared to Family and Gender:

Have Humans Evolved Separately Long Enough:

Human Genetic Variation is Continuous and so not racial:

Variation Within and Between Races:

Race is a Social Construct:

— Brain Size —

Brain Size and IQ:

The Heritability of Brain Size:

Brain Size, Race and IQ:

— Race and IQ —

Cultural Bias on IQ tests:

Race and IQ Related Genes:

Race, IQ and Poverty:

School Quality as a Cause of Racial IQ Gaps:

Race and Stress:

Race and IQ: Mixed Populations Part 1:

Race and IQ: Mixed Populations Part 2:

Subtest Heritability, The G Factor, and Racial Intelligence Differences:

— Race and Crime —

Is the Criminal Justice System Racist:

MAOA, Race and Crime:

Poverty and Crime:

Race, Poverty and Crime:

Race, Family Structure and Crime:

Testosterone, Race and Crime:

— History —

The Wealth of Colonizers (or Lack Thereof):

Colonialism Did Not Make Africa Poor:

Slavery in the United States:

Slaves in America Would’ve Been Slaves in Africa Anyway:

Whites did not benefit from slavery (not even at the time):

Racism in University Admissions:

White Privilege: The Callback Myth:

White Privilege: Cops and Courts:


— Racial Political Economy —

The US Would be Runing Budget Surpluses if it were all White:

Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion:

Race and Voting:

Party Affiliation, IQ, Political Knowledge, and Formal Education:

Political Ideology in America by Race:

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